An IP address is a unique number which distinguishes a site or a web server on the Internet, so in the event that you have a dedicated IP, it'll be employed exclusively by your sites and shall not be shared with other people as it happens with shared hosting accounts. In case you have your own server, you will have a dedicated IP, but you may need extra ones for different purposes. In case you have an online store, for instance, you shall need an SSL certificate for it, to ensure that the payment info which your clients submit will be encrypted and secure. The same is valid if you have a login form of some type and you would like the usernames and the passwords that visitors input to be protected. The SSL certificate requires a dedicated IP, which ought to be different from the one that you already have on the web server. You might also need a separate IP for an application such as a VoIP server, or if you need a slightly better performance for a certain Internet site, which will influence its position in search engine results.

Extra Dedicated IPs in VPS Hosting

If you order one of our Linux VPS hosting packages, we'll provide you with one dedicated IP address by default and a second one free of charge - if you add any of the hosting Control Panels which we offer to your order. Additional IPs can be purchased effortlessly in case you need them. The option is offered on the order page, so in the event that you need more IPs from the beginning, we'll able to assign them to your VPS the minute it is put in place and you can use them the moment you start using the machine. If you require them for any reason afterwards, you can order them via the billing area and they'll be available within a few minutes. That way, you can assign dedicated IP addresses not just to your own websites, but also to customers' sites if you have started a reseller enterprise. You could order IPs as frequently as required and renew them along with your virtual server plan. If, eventually, you need less IPs, you will have the chance to renew only those that you require, while the extra ones will be taken off your machine.

Extra Dedicated IPs in Dedicated Web Hosting

All dedicated web hosting which we offer include three IP addresses by default and you may use them in whatever way you see fit. If you need more IPs for any reason, you can add them to your server with a few mouse clicks without any limitations as to their number or the duration for which you will be able to employ them. This upgrade comes in increments of three and if you require the IPs straight away, you can add them to the plan during the signup procedure, while if it turns out that you require more IPs at some point later on, you may order them just as effortlessly via your billing area and we'll assign them to your dedicated server a few moments later. The dedicated IPs may be renewed with the hosting server plan on a monthly basis and you'll be able to determine if you'll renew all of them or only a few - if you no longer need that many. You'll be able to use the IPs both for your own websites and for client hosting accounts - when you're using the dedicated server as an Internet hosting reseller platform.